Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I thank you, God, that I have lived."

A professor shared this prayer in class this afternoon and I wanted to share it with you.

Prayer penned by Elizabeth, Countess of Craven (1750-1828):

I thank you, God, that I have lived
In this great world and known its many joys:
The song of birds, the strong, sweet scent of hay
And cooling breezes in the secret dusk.
The flaming sunsets at the close of day,
Hills and the lonely heather-covered moors.
Music at night and moonlight on the sea,
The beat of waves upon the rocky shore,
And wild, white spray flung high in ecstasy.
The faithful eyes of dogs and treasured books,
The love of kin, fellowship of friends,
And all that makes life dear and beautiful.

I thank you, too, that there has come to me
A little sorrow and sometimes defeat.
A little heartache and the loneliness
That comes with parting and the word “goodbye.”
Dawn breaking after dreary hours of pain
When I discovered that night's gloom must yield
And morning light break through to me again.
Because of these and other blessings poured
Unmasked upon my wondering head,
Because I know that there is yet to come
An even richer and more glorious life,
I thank you God that I have lived.