Thursday, May 5, 2011

Since I've been gone... apologies & poetry

Oh no... I am ashamed to admit that I did, in fact, completely neglect my blog. No, I haven't completely neglected my writing... just the posting part. Maybe I'll try and get back to it. Until then... I found some poetry that I wrote within the last year. Poetry is an interesting animal... it's kinda weird. Kinda makes the writer seem eccentric. Kinda makes "normal people" nervous. So... at risk of making anyone too nervous, I'm gonna share some of my favorites. I suppose it is kinda weird and I am kinda eccentric. Oh well.

All the pretty girls
With perfect curls, brand new shoes & shimmering eyes
Have a hand to hold, chose
By the nice boys, walking close side by side.
Giggling, floating, dreaming, seeing nothing
But him.
And only the plain girls
With wind blown hair, borrowed shoes & squinted eyes
walk all alone, spinning
‘round to not miss a thing,
Artists capturing the skyline, dancers lost in the breeze.
Eyes to the sky taking in the city lights,
The sparkle illuminating her every step.
Stopping to hear the music,
Seeing the water spill from the fountain,
Tossing in a penny, wishing to see more.
Thinking How beautiful. Does anyone notice?

Giggles seep beneath her door
The “someday” poison introduced
Days pass. Hearts break. Dreams wait.

Pages fill with hopeful words
Too deep, a risk to speak.
The plague ignites and carries on,
The days longed for far off.
The here, the now, forgot.

Moments missed or just ignored
The life desired is coming.
Choked by the drug of “somewhere else”
The present; lost, rejected.
Clocks tick. Hearts sick. Dreams dying.

Living starts when hearts can see
That life and joy is now.
Health and hope renewed, refreshed
When dreams are lived today.
Time’s here. Choose joy. Live now.

Once you dared to change the plot.
Threw out your lines, leaving me
My turn to speak there was nothing there.
The flawless dialogue, storyline
It was perfect, how I wrote it.
It was mine. How you ruined it.
Missed your cue, or just ignored it,
Forced to ad-lib
I froze.

Just then I saw you sitting comfortably
In my old directors chair.
Is this your story, mine forgotten?
Is all I worked for lost, abandoned?
So I’m an actor, this not my story,
I’m told to simply play my part.
No purpose fighting, on the stage now,
Confused and doubting lines not mine.

Surprised I found this role refreshing.
Not my job to run the show.
Captivated by the story, I got
Lost, forgot my worry.
There’s joy I found, when just
Performing. Acting, living impromptu.
No missed lines, no plot to follow
Just twist and turn and watch it flow.
So thank you, life, please come and join me.
Join me and enjoy the show.

Oh.... and you may notice that a couple of these poems are inspired by previous blog entries.